Lady Parts Iced Tea Recipe

By Diana Chaplin May 23, 2014

Do you take care of your lady parts? With hormonal imbalance and infertility becoming increasingly common among women, it’s important to make sure you’re taking good care of your female organs – and supporting lymph health and circulation – no matter what your age.

This lady tonic includes a mix of 3 herbs that are proven to support women’s health and balance the hormones. It provides the perfect herbal combo for those warm summer days when you’re in the mood to tone your uterus 🙂

1. Combine 1tsp. of red raspberry leaf tea, 1tsp. of Ashwaganda root, 1/2tsp. nettle leaf tea
2. Brew covered as a tea for 5-10 minutes (use loose tea infuser or just let it brew loosely in your cup and then strain), and pour over a tall glass of ice. Fresh lemon, mint, and honey are optional.

As you’re drinking this infusion, give your belly some loving rubs to bring positive energy to your lady parts.

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