Paleo Banana Chia Bites

By Gina Matsoukas February 4, 2015

These paleo banana chia bites are naturally sweet and perfectly moist mini-muffins. Ok, so admittedly, these aren’t going to win any awards for most original recipe. A banana muffin…wow. Never seen it before. But, these are probably one of my biggest grain free, gluten free, sugar free baking successes ever.

Something that seriously bothers me about paleo/grain free baked goods is the amount of eggs used in most recipes. I go through an alarming amount of eggs as is, I don’t need to be sacrificing 5 of them at a time for bread unless someone would like to gift me a chicken (and someone to take care of it in my backyard).

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So I decided to try and beat the system with chia seeds and lots of mashed banana. And it worked. Like really worked. These are super moist (eeek gross word alert), not too dense like most grain free “breads” and naturally sweet. I haven’t done the nutritional stats on them, but I’m betting they’re pretty stellar. Especially as pre-workout fuel.

For the recipe and ingredients click here.

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