Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken Noodles

By Christine McMichael July 18, 2016

All the yums for this Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken Noodles recipe. ALL OF THEM.

Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken

This could very possibly be my most favorite recipe ever. No one will ever truly know for sure, because it seems that I have about a million favorite recipes, but this one really has me gawking! And considering I have no background in making asian food (makes you really trust my recipe, doesn’t it), I must say I’m pretty proud of this one. If you do happen to be reading this and know a lot about Thai/Chinese/American Fusions, please don’t judge me. I have no claim to authenticity here, just a really delicious, easy, and healthy recipe.

Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken

First things first, we absolutely must discuss the powerhouse flavor of this dish. The best way I might be able to describe it is as an explosion of spicy flavor balanced by a light, sweet, and savory flavor! If you love spicy, this dish is for you. If you hate spicy, leave out the crushed red pepper and/or add some mandarin slices like I did. As I mentioned in the Jerk Chicken Tacos recipe, I tend to be little bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food. But this dish was incredible, and I actually left the crushed red pepper in my bowl (that’s right, be proud)!

Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken

I love using these stir-fry noodles whenever I make asian food (also used in the Sweet & Sour Porkless Bites Stir-Fry recipe). Oh and checkout my new fancy bowl! Big shoutout to my amazing aunt Mary who made these herself. What I would do for that talent!

Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken

What do you say? Spicy, or non-spicy food?


Nutrition Information

Calories: 337 | Fat: 13 | Carbohydrates: 21 | Sugar: 6 | Protein: 29

For the full recipe, click here.

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