Strawberry Avocado Honey Lime Salad

By Gina Matsoukas March 10, 2015

This strawberry avocado honey lime salad is topped with a sweet and tangy dressing to make salad eating fun!

This salad is the epitome of fake it till you make it. If I start eating like it, warm weather will eventually come. Right? Because as it stands right now, I’m sitting on the floor in my dining room in the patch of sun pretending like vitamin D can be absorbed through the window. I have no idea if that’s possible or not, but considering I’m not the type who gets a sunburn on cloudy days, I’m gonna go with no. There’s not even a hint of yellow on those branches yet, they’re still fully in the ugly brown stick phase they’ve been in for the past 5 months.

So before I lose it on Mother Nature and her 38 degree days, I’ll just be shoving strawberries, avocados and kiwis down my throat in my imaginary happy place where the heat has been permanently turned off, I’m tan and my faux-fur slippers have been retired for the season. Feel free to join me.

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