Chocolate With A Guiltless Twist

By Linda Wagner July 1, 2014

I love fresh ingredients, beautiful colors, and healthy nutritious foods; and I like using those wonderful ingredients to create healthy dishes that people will love! While I do love healthy food and showing people how to make healthy food, the idea of spending hours in the kitchen baking, basting, and roasting doesn’t appeal to me. I like fast easy recipes! This one is very fast and very easy!

I was recently inspired by this recipe from A Couple Cooks. A recipe that is delicious and easy to make? I’m totally in!

I added my own healthy twist on this recipe by adding superfoods. Delicious chocolates that taste amazing and are packed with superfood nutrition…now that’s my kind of dessert!

Shawn Johnson's The Body Department - Superfood Packed Chocolate

– One 16 ounce bag of dark chocolate chips, try to get 60% or more
– 1/2 cup of dried cranberries
– 1/2 cup of shelled pistachios
– 1/2 cup of fresh pecan pieces
– 1 Tbs pHresh greens
– 1 Tbs CocoCeps (read more about the health benefits of CocoCeps here)

Make a double broiler by filling a large skillet with water over med-high heat. Then, place a smaller skillet on top and add chocolate and superfoods. Use a spatula to stir the mixture until smooth and melted. You can use the back of your spatula to press and smooth out any clumps on the bottom of your pan. Once your chocolate is fully melted and your superfoods have been incorporated, use a spoon to dollop small circles onto a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Then place your cranberries, pistachios, and pecans on top and place the tray in the refrigerator until your chocolate has hardened, about 1 hour. That’s it! You’re done!

These superfood chocolates are not only gorgeous but they TASTE REALLY GOOD and they are REALLY GOOD for you! You would never know that there are superfood powders in the chocolate. You can feel good about sharing these treats with your friends and family because it’s almost like giving them a delicious daily multi!

Don’t have any superfood powders? Don’t want to buy these superfoods? No worries! Even if you don’t have any superfoods, this still makes a great, healthy recipe that all of your family and friends will enjoy!

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