6 Key Fitness + Wellness Commands To Throw At Alexa

By The Body Department February 21, 2018

How funny was this year’s Super Bowl commercial when Alexa lost her voice? The celebs chosen to sub in for Alexa performed the opposite command from what they’re instructed then hilarity ensues within the 1:30 seconds of the commercial. It made me think about my own Alexa device. Am I even using it to its fullest capabilities? There has to be more to it than an extra speaker for my music… right? Well there is!

We found 6 easy fitness and wellness commands that require zero frustration so you need to try these asap!


Get a quick daily body burn out from the 5 minute workout. By simply saying, Alexa, open up 5 minute workout! You’ll get a workout worthy of any aggressive trainer you love to hate. This core and cardio mix is a fun fast moving 5 minute routine.

If that’s too intense or not your vibe for the day, call out Alexa, play easy yoga! The Easy Yoga command will run your through an ambient-filled yoga regimen.  You can choose from a morning yoga routine, an evening yoga routine, or an energizing yoga flow.

Toss some attention to your core with the 5 Minute Plank Workout – “Alexa, start five minute plank”. This awesome workout that features six sets on plank pain with short breaks in between. Alexa can even play whatever music you want to really get you in the zone.


Having trouble falling asleep or need help to tap into your zen space? Call out, “Alexa, play spa music!” Command your device to play these sounds and doze off effortlessly. You can also use this with the meditation app simultaneously – “Alexa, open guided meditation.”

  • Ambient sounds – Rain Sounds
  • Sleep sounds – White Noise
  • Ambient sounds – Fan Sounds
  • Sleep sounds – Beautiful Dream

Sometimes we need a reminder to just chill out, stretch and breathe. Say, Alexa, open BreatheTherapy.” Perfect for those random moments when you happen to feel anxious or stressed out. You’ll be instructed to breathe for a certain number of counts and to pay attention to your body’s reactions to the breathing.

Getting enough hydration when you’re Thirsty AF? Call out for Alexa, ask H2O-Pal how much did I drink today.” Sometimes you need that extra reminder or think of it as your accountability partner for your hydration. Simple! 

For more fitness and wellness commands to try with your Alexa or Echo device, click here!

[Words by Christina Makoyawo / Photo 1, 23, 45]

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