100 Ways To Stay Healthy This School Year: Part 3

By Taralynn McNitt August 18, 2014

Here is the final installment of tips for my “100 Ways To Stay Healthy This School Year” series! Hope you’ve enjoyed the tips so far, don’t forget to catch up on Parts I and II here if you missed them.

67. Play music. When you study hard, sometimes eating food gives your brain something else to focus on. Don’t go downstairs to grab a bag of chips or candy, play classical music to distract you. Music will help you zone out and put your brain into a study coma. Classical music is relaxing and can help your brain focus on your work instead of food. Try it!

68. Don’t stress eat. Go for a walk instead. If I’m frustrated and try to cover it up with unhealthy food, I end up feeling worse about myself later. Exercise gives you endorphin’s. Endorphin’s make you happy and happy people just….well you know the rest! Exercise makes you feel strong and able to conquer anything!

69. Food prep. I mentioned this earlier but if you are too busy during the week and it leads to eating junk food or fast food, spend your Sunday’s food prepping your lunches, breakfast and dinners. It will make your week run smoothly and help you in making smart food choices.

70. Keep hard boiled eggs prepared in your fridge. They add healthy protein and fats to your diet. They are easy to grab or top a salad with. Whenever I’m super hungry, I down a couple and then decide what to eat.

71. Always keep a spare set of workout/gym clothes in your car or locker! If you forget, you have no excuse to skip.

72. Set your clothes out the night before to prevent rushing and skipping your morning workout/or breakfast. Running around searching for things or realizing your favorite jeans are still in the wash is more stressful in the morning. Get those things ready the night before! Rushing is stressful, so prevent it.

73. Start incorporating weights into your workouts. If your school offers a weight lifting class, jump all over that opportunity! I regret not taking it in high school. Muscle burns more calories and boosts your metabolism.

74. Bring your notes to the gym. Exercising while studying can improve your memory. I used to record my class notes and listen to them on my iPod while walking.

75. Take the stairs. My high school stairs were never ending. I was out of breath by the time I was up half of them. We had an old high school that was four floors high. If you choose to take the stairs you can burn an extra 30 calories a day. (Now that’s assuming you take them more than once) That is an extra 5400 calories burnt throughout the year.

76. Join or start a health club. Sometimes talking with others who are trying to stay healthy can keep you motivated. Colleges have great gyms, take advantage. (They get expensive once you graduate).

77. If you are intimidated by joining a sport, just join an intramural team instead. It’s super fun and will keep you moving after class. My favorite was powder puff football.

78. Walk or bike to school. It may be hard to find time to exercise with a packed school schedule, so leaving a little early and biking to school can be a convenient way to fit in activity. Getting those endorphin’s flowing in the morning will set you up for a good school day.

79. Always take a gym class. It’s a free way to get exercise. And it’s much better than taking a boring history class! If you can’t work out before or after school, do it during!

80. Join school activities. If you find yourself lying around on the couch watching T.V. after school, then you have way too much time! Join an activity to keep you active and involved. It’s healthy to stay social and interactive. You’ll also notice it looks good on college and job applications.

81. Wear a pedometer around and aim for 1000+ more steps during your school day!

82. Get your friends together for a workout date. Stay social while being active. Join a fun Zumba class or try to convince your school to offer a Zumba night.

83. If you are in college take advantage of your school’s free facilities. Money is usually tight in college, so grab a friend and hit your college gym instead of buying a membership to a separate gym.

84. Get up and move every thirty minutes. Set a little reminder on your phone or computer and make yourself get up and move around after sitting down. Get your blood flowing and your energy levels up. Don’t do this in class and blame me.

85. If you are not into sports, join theater or show choir! You get just as much exercise and it brings out your creative side. It keeps you busy and involved. During my junior year of high school I was in the musical “High School Musical” and a lot of the kids lost up to 15 pounds during production and rehearsals.

86. Get group games organized one day out of the week. Organize a once a week ultimate frisbee, basketball game, or relay race. It’s a great way to meet new people and get active together.

87. Get an active part-time job. If you have to keep a job during the school year, get one that is active. Work with kids, at a gym, or another job that requires constant movement.

88. Walk your dog. Make an effort to walk your dog before and after school. This is a great way to get your dog some exercise and for you to enjoy the fresh air. Your dog will appreciate it.

89. If you are looking for something with a support team that you can dedicate yourself to, then join a cross fit gym! They are more expensive than regular gyms, so; talk to your school or college about starting a cross fit program.

90. Bring healthy treats to early group meetings or get together-s. Most morning meetings offer donuts, cookies or muffins. Bring homemade granola bars, fresh fruit, or homemade muffins.

91. Don’t be afraid to say no. Just because someone offers you something, it doesn’t mean you must eat it. I respect people who have the will power to say no thank you.

92. Get creative with your crock pot. It’s the perfect method to meal prepping. You can also have these lovely pots in your dorm room.

93. Don’t eat it just because your friends are. I wish I would have realized this in high school. Everyone’s body is different. Just because your friends are fit while eating tons of junk, doesn’t mean they are healthy or your body can do the same. Some people have faster metabolisms. Don’t feel discouraged by it, or feel pressured to eat what they are eating. Remember to nourish your body with healthy food. Believe it or not, even though they are eating a lot of food, they are still depriving their body of necessary nutrients.

94. Tailgating the healthy way. Bring your own meals and beverages to tailgates. Bring a healthy crock pot chili, fruit kabobs, your own protein for the grill and a tossed salad. People will appreciate your healthy dishes.

95. Give up the alcohol as much as you can. I know it may seem like the cool thing to do, but you’re here for the education, right? For you party-animals, avoid the sugary mixers, Smirnoffs, and heavy beers. Stick to light beer; you’ll thank me in the morning.

96. Don’t let your healthy lifestyle get in the way of your social life. It’s important to be healthy, but having friends is also healthy. Learn how to balance the two.

97. If you must drink. Remember that your body treats alcohol like an alien. It’s going to ignore the food you ate and try to get rid of the alcohol. Eat very healthy on “drink” nights and don’t end the night with a fast food stop. Snack on healthy fats, high protein, and save some calorie room from the alcohol calories. Just because you are in college and everyone is drinking doesn’t mean you have to. Do what YOU want.

98. Get your friends together for a running club and sign up for fun races throughout the year!

99. Get good grades. Getting good grades gives you a boost of confidence and pride. That accomplishment can make you feel capable of the incapable. Being smart is sexy!

100. Root for the Hawkeyes. Always.

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