11 Things Healthy People Do Differently

By Diana Chaplin June 24, 2014

As a Health Coach, I am not only in touch with people who seek guidance in balancing their health, I am also deeply connected with an immense network of fellow health-conscious wellness professionals, colleagues, and friends.

Being surrounded by these amazing individuals, I’ve begun to notice a pattern, a certain way of being that sets them apart from everyone else and makes them walking inspirations without their even trying or realizing how awesome they are. 

Here are 11 things truly healthy people do differently:

1. They understand the basics of human health.
The main difference that sets healthy people apart from others is that they’re aware of what does and doesn’t contribute to health. They don’t just eat more vegetables for fun (although it IS fun), they do so with the knowledge that certain foods contain vital nutrients that the body absorbs and translates into energy and vitality. They know that the gut is rich with beneficial bacteria, that foods containing vitamin C can boost the immune system during cold season, and that chemical-laden processed foods could lead to obesity and disease. Having an interest in their own bodies is what motivates healthy people to sustain wellness.

2. They eat real food.
Notice how I didn’t say they’re vegan or gluten-free or that they juice cleanse during every lunar eclipse? That’s because there isn’t a single definition of “healthy” that applies to everyone. The healthiest foods are those that are unprocessed, grown naturally, and in whole form, like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, meats, fish, nuts & seeds, and whatever else grows from the earth or moves upon it. That’s what healthy people like to eat. And because we believe that food is alive with life force energy, we also prepare it with passion, reverence, and love.

3. They hydrate.
Dehydration is a major problemo with most people who don’t drink enough water or try to satisfy their thirst with other “beverages” that they think are just as good, such as coffee, soda, or other fancy sugary drinks. But here’s the thing: only pure, clean water will satisfy your body’s immense daily hydration needs. You are made up of about 70% water so it makes sense that this would be a necessity. Healthy people are perfectly content chugging water all day and using things like lemon, mint, or herbal tea to enhance the flavor naturally. As a result, they have greater energy, stronger immune systems, clearer skin, and far fewer health complications overall.

4. They make time for self-care.
We all have the same number of hours in a day, but healthy people make sure that some of those hours are dedicated to things like cooking, taking a relaxing bath, going for a run, or being with friends. We know that it’s the little things that add up to major quality of life differences and they’re more fun than watching reality tv anyway.

5. They surround themselves with positive people.
Just like there’s toxic food and unhealthy habits, there are sometimes people in our lives whose negativity is so strong that it creates an environment of depression wherever they go. Does anyone in particular come to mind? Healthy people don’t have time for energy vampires. They do their best to inspire and uplift the downers and complainers but then gravitate towards happy, successful, awesome people who are on the same wavelength.

6. They’re grateful.
Gratitude is all the rage lately so I’m sure this is no surprise, but it’s true. Healthy people are more likely to appreciate the good things than dwell on the bad things. Like attracts like and the more you smile, think positive, and know that everything is just fine as it is, then the more things you’ll have to smile about. Even when times are tough, focusing on something you’re thankful for will help you get through it much easier than lamenting about what you don’t have.

7. They don’t hate their jobs.
Being healthy isn’t just about your body, it’s about all the things in life that feed us, including career. Going to work in a place where you’re unfulfilled, unsatisfied, or unappreciated creates deep-rooted unhappiness and healthy people just refuse to tolerate that for very long. They’re more likely to take risks with employment and pursue their passions than stay in a job they hate just because it’s safe and provides a steady paycheck.

8. They sleep.
Beauty rest is very important to your average healthy person, and they make sure to get close to 8 hours of shut-eye on most nights. Quality sleep plays a major role in overall health by allowing the body to detox properly, store memories, balance hormones and conduct many other vital functions that contribute to a strong body and mind. Not to mention you just feel much better after a good night’s rest, making your more likely to be in a good mood and take care of yourself.

9. They like interesting workouts.
Going to the gym is nice but healthy people tend to prefer things like yoga (sweaty, aerial or candlelit included), barre, soul cycling, crossfit, Bollywood dancing, boot camps, or a myriad of other unconventional forms of fitness you’ve probably never heard of. Why? Because it’s just more fun, and healthy people know that having fun is the key to success.

10. They take pleasure in the little things.Life is full of tiny, fleeting moments of incredible joy. If we merely pause to recognize and appreciate them in the moment, we can open the door to great abundance in both health and happiness. Spending time with loved ones on a Saturday without also allowing yourself to stress about what’s going to happen on Monday, or simply taking an extra deep breath when encountering the pleasant aroma of fresh flowers are the sorts of things that greatly reduce our overall level of stress, and therefore create both physical and mental balance.

11. They don’t try too hard.
Sure, they put conscious effort into things like their diet and exercise, but they’ve grown so accustomed to nourishing their minds and following their heart that life has become… easy, or at least easier than it seems for most people. If you allow a healthy lifestyle to penetrate your life in mind, body, and spirit, you’ll quickly notice that obstacles to happiness disappear and daily life becomes a joyous experience. Don’t believe me? Try it!

What’s your key to health & happiness?

*This post was originally published on Diana’s site, Living Body Wellness. For more from Diana be sure to visit www.livingbodywellness.com

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