5 Easy Steps to Get Healthy NOW!

By Sara C. April 3, 2014

When I decided to make a change to a healthier lifestyle I changed five things immediately that helped jump start my healthy journey. I think no matter what age, you can do these things! Not many people can change everything in one day and all of a sudden eat totally green and exercise regularly. If you do these 5 things then everything else will fall into place eventually and becoming a more fit healthier version of yourself will be much easier!

1. DRINK WATER Don’t just add water into your drinking regime.. ONLY drink water. Cut out the sodas, alcohol, everything. If you like carbonation there are tons of zero calorie flavored carbonated water. I keep a water bottle by my desk and drink from it everyday. Not only is water super healthy and cleanses your system, it’s also very cheap. Cheap as in free! Most restaurants do not charge for water so not only will your body thank you for making this decision, so will your bank account!

2. SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS For me growing up as an athlete I never had to make myself go workout because I always had practice. My workouts were scheduled for me. If I don’t schedule my workouts I usually just don’t go to them. I have to treat my workouts as a practice, meaning there is no option but to go! For me I also set a goal, like a race. I pick the race out and set my training schedule for the few months in advance. This way I know I will stick to what I need to do in order to complete my race as planned. I use my google calendar because it connects to my phone. I also use Runner’s World Smart Coach for my racing training schedules.

3. PACK YOUR LUNCH Whether you’re still in school or work a full time job, everyone should be packing your lunch. Packing your lunch saves money in more than one way. 1) You aren’t spending money going out to eat and 2) Those leftovers from last night aren’t going to spoil and have to be thrown out! You’re also most likely to eat healthier if you pack your lunch because you aren’t tempted with menu items you might see if you went out to eat. Packing my lunch has been a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend it. If you don’t have time to pack it in the morning, pack your lunch at night while you’re cleaning up dinner. Don’t forget your snacks too!

4. REDUCE YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE I understand being a young adult there is a lot of pressure to drink at parties. Believe me, I’m 25 and I still get badgered by my friends when I decide not to drink. If you want to, go ahead have a drink or two, but a big rule I stand by is no drinking during the week. Of course everyone has heard the “one glass of wine a night is beneficial” thing, but recent studies have shown that might not be the case. Save your liver and cut out weekday drinking. You’ll be cutting out a lot of calories too! My rule is that I only drink on special occasions. On weekends I offer to be the DD and then less people make a big deal about me not drinking. I think the biggest factor in my weight loss right after college was cutting out how much alcohol I drank. Really though… nobody likes hangovers anyways.

5. TRY NEW THINGS This can be applied to so many things.. foods, workouts, etc. If you don’t know already, your tastebuds change as you get older. You may thing that you don’t like something because you tried it as a kid and hated it, but you should take a chance and try it again. Chances are you might like it now! I’m now a fan of dark chocolate, brussel sprouts and onions! All of which a couple years ago I never would have touched. Another way to try new things are different types of ways to stay active. Chris and I recently went on a double date to Defy Gravity, a place that is filled with trampolines. Instead of going out to a dinner date and most likely drinking, we went and burned a ton of calories and had fun doing it!

Of course there are many more tips and things to do to get healthy, these are just the ones you can change NOW to get started. Does anyone else have any quick tips they used to jump start their healthy journey?

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