5 Ways To Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

By LEAFtv March 10, 2014

More than half of US citizens are vitamin D deficient – this causes diabetes, muscle aches, colds, and many more problems that are definitely not worth it. Vitamin D helps calcium build strong bones, regulates your immune system and can help with depression. You need 600 IU daily, and adding it to your daily routine isn’t tough at all. Here we’ve listed 5 [delicious] ways you can integrate more vitamin D rich foods to your diet.

1. FATTY FISH – Salmon has 450 IU
* Get our favorite salmon recipes here.

2. CANNED TUNA – One 4 oz can of tuna has 150 IU
* Click here for our favorite ‘fancified’ canned tuna recipe.

3. EGG YOLKS – A single egg yolk has 25 IU
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* Try our infamous pesto portobello burger recipe.

5. SUNLIGHT – Lastly, get outside! Do some yoga, have a picnic, take a walk around the block!

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