5 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Without Losing Your Mind

By Ashley Blevins January 22, 2016

We’re a few weeks into 2016 and that means resolutions, goals and fresh starts are swimming around in all of our minds. But instead of letting this year be just like the rest, we’re coming up with ways to keep our cool and power on like champions. It’s never too late to start. If you’re feeling a little discouraged, I’ve got five foolproof tips!

1. Remember You’re Only Human

This is the one we all need to remember. It’s easy to set a goal of working out four days a week, and it’s even easier to get mad when we can barely get ourselves to live through two. Leaving a little room for error makes it so much easier to remember that we’re not alone in only being human. Don’t allow a slip up to be a failure. Power on!

2. Celebrate!

Don’t forget to reward your progress! Meeting the goals and resolutions you set for yourself is a big deal, so treat it like one! Come up with a list of ways to reward yourself in a way that will keep you motivated to hit the next level. Find friends with similar goals, who will not only keep you accountable, but will celebrate with you, when you reach a new goal together!

3. Make Lists and Plan Ahead

Write out what you’d like to strive for so you have a constant reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. Pin it up somewhere near your desk or on your mirror so you’ll have a tangible daily reminder of something you want to move towards. You can always change it as need be, but this way it won’t be easily forgotten. Add to your goals by putting positive encouragement phrases and photos around to keep yourself feeling pumped!

4. Find An App

There is an app for basically everything, so there’s a good chance you can find one ready to help you out with whatever your goal may be. There are apps to help you sleep better, manage your finances, keep a consistent exercise schedule, monitor your diet, there is literally something for everyone. If you’re anything like me and constantly have your phone in hand, you’ll never be far from each other.

5. Never Stop

You can always be doing something helpful to your journey. Are you super mad about working out today and you’re so angry you refuse to even lace up your shoes? Write about why you’re angry and keep it as a reminder. The next time you do work out, write about your motivation to do it that day and keep it around to read on those tough days. Keep up with your progress and compare notes with your friends. If you find you reach a particular goal, come up with a new one! Don’t ever stop striving for even the little things. You’ll be amazed at where you find yourself at the end of this year!

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