6 Signs Change ISN’T What You Need

By Caley Philipps August 19, 2014

The idea of change can be alluring and seductive. Especially when burnout’s knocking at your door. A fresh start. Something new. Something better. Gets your blood pumpin’ just thinking about it, no? And, maybe even thinking, “That’s exactly what I need. Right. Now.” But change always shows its true colors.

It’s a short-lived high- in cute shoes.

The change-game is one of the best seductresses of all time. I mean, just the thought of that breath-of-fresh-air feeling gets you wired. Craving. Jonesing to feel that high again. All the while she’s whispering in your ear, “This will be the one that takes. This could be the change that lasts. This is what you’ve been missing!”

The problem with the change-game is you’re so hopped up on your quest for new, more… better, that you don’t realize what you’re giving up each time you start over: growth.

The truth is, to the outside world, change looks a bit like bobbing ‘n’ weaving. You’re going left when everyone else is going right. So while you’re drinking in that breath-of-fresh-air feeling you’re also leaving people, jobs, retirement plans, benefits, seniority and vacation days, friends, relationships, and maybe even cities in your dust.

Here’s 6 signs it’s time to get out of the change game. For good

1. The high wears off. You listen to the whisper in your ear, make the change and get a new gig. It feels intoxicating! For a little while. Then sobriety sinks in and you’re back where you started, but without your seniority and benefits. The only thing that seems to bring that excitement back is the thought of doing it all over again. And again.

2. The breath-of-fresh-air-feeling is the best part. Putting in your notice. Walking out the door for the last time. This. Is. Freedom. And THIS, is the best part! Once this high wears off you feel stuck. Trapped. And all you can do to get that glorious freedom back is fantasize about telling everyone and everything you’re supposed to care for to go screw off.

3. Your resume, business niche or relationship history looks like a game of musical chairs. Job or relationship hopping is easy to blame on others. But (and I say this with love) YOU are the common link between all your jobs and relationships. If you’re always on-to-the-next-one in 2 years or less, you know change is whispering in your ear and running your show.

4. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You work your booty off. And yet, while you’ve had flickers of success, more often than not you feel lost. No matter how hard you work, when change is running your show, you’re always in the start-up phase.

5. You’re focused on what you want (and don’t want) instead of what you have. It’s easy to get sideswiped by the thought of greener grass when you’re not aware of change’s seduction skills. Her 1-2 punch is comparison and lust. Once you realize it could be different. It could be better. This is missing. Or that… she’s got you on the ropes. You’re no longer paying attention to what’s in front of you. Instead, you’re lusting after that next high.

6. Change is how you handle everything. You have a bad day. A fight in your relationship. Or maybe you’ve lost your work mojo. And change is the first thought that enters your mind.

The truth is your mojo- both personal and professional– comes from within you.

And, change without growth, stunts your mojo. BIG TIME!

So, next time you hear that seductress call, tell her the jig is up. You’re on to her. And you’re going another way.

This time to change things up, you’re choosing growth instead.

*This post was originally published on Caley’s website, Life Purpose Coaching. For more from Caley visit www.caleyphilipps.com.

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