7 Reasons You Should Be Your Own Valentine This Year

By The Body Department February 14, 2015

Whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or are all by yourself this V-day, why not take control and be your own valentine? Let’s be honest; you’re a busy girl who works hard and deserves the best, so why the hell should you rely on someone else to recognize that? Valentine’s day is an awesome excuse to treat yourself and justify that spa day, new outfit, skydiving trip, or anything else your heart desires.


Note: being your own valentine does NOT necessarily mean sitting on the couch in front of the TV with a pint of Cherry Garcia (though that does sound pretty appealing and is totally not off bounds), but it does mean acknowledging how awesome you are and congratulating yourself for your latest accomplishments. Whether that accomplishment is climbing Mount Everest or just getting out of bed and showering before noon, you rock and deserve a little something special!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are 7 reasons you should be your own Valentine this year.

1.) You know yourself best


Who better to buy you a great v-day gift than yourself? You don’t have to pretend to like a tacky present that you’d be better off without. Get yourself something you’ve always wanted.

2.) No pressure


Having yourself as your valentine means you have no high expectations to meet and no pressure to plan something extravagant. You can spend all that extra energy on constructing the perfect relaxing day for yourself. Work out, take a relaxing bath, get a massage, paint your nails… you have nobody’s happiness to focus on but your own!

3.) It’s an excuse to splurge


Valentine’s day is maybe the one day a year when nobody can judge you for treating yourself to whatever it is that your heart desires. Not that you really need justification for doing nice things for yourself, but it’s always fun to have an excuse!

4.) You can spread the love around


When you’re your own Valentine, you can pick and choose who you shower with love and affection on February 14th. Send your mom flowers, make your best friend a home-cooked lunch, or buy your boss a cup of coffee!

5.) You can indulge in all the cheesy Valentine’s day things you like but are too afraid to ask for


Go ahead. Buy yourself a bulk pack of Sweetheart candies and a giant plush bear.

6.) No sharing


You’re not obligated to share a single one of the candies you buy, desserts you make, or any other food or gifts you acquire on the 14th. It’s all yours.

7.) Budget appropriately, and you’ll have some money left for the REALLY important holiday

February 15th. Valentine’s candy for 75% off.

Photo via Buzzfeed.

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