7 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

By LEAFtv December 3, 2015

It feels like more and more, all of our days are filled with infinite Facebook newsfeed updates and Netflix binges. It’s important to continue exercising our mental health, just as much as our physical. We have 7 helpful ways to boost your focus and mood.

1. Meditation
Decreases anxiety and improves focus by improving the mind-body connection.

2. Exercise
Enhance your mood and boost energy. A strong body translates to a strong mind.

3. Cook for Yourself
Understand the foods you’re putting in your body, experiment with different ingredients and flavors.

4. Eat More Greens
Helps alkaline the body by balancing pH, also aids in digestive health and brain functionality.

5. Journal
Write down thoughts, feelings and ideas. Exercise creativity, while boosting emotional health.

6. Board Games
Stimulate the right and left sides of the brain. It may prevent memory loss as we age.

7. Sleep More
Sleep helps the mind organize information overload and is essential for a day of focus and productivity.

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