8 Ways to Make Your Water More Tasty & Healthy

By Diana Chaplin May 29, 2014

We all know that we should be drinking plenty of fresh water every day. But let’s face it, water can be pretty boring and flavorless, and aside from the element of hydration and a few trace minerals (not all of which are good for you if you’re drinking it unfiltered), water doesn’t really provide any nutrients either.

While I definitely appreciate the refreshing taste of pure, clean, un-embellished water, it’s also nice to switch it up once in a while and give my water some PIZZAZ!

Below are all the healthy and yummy things that pair well with plain ‘ol H2O to boost its nutrient content and flavor.

1. Chia seeds. These versatile little seeds are more commonly known for their use in smoothies and puddings, but adding them to water will really give them a chance to shine! Not only is it fun to watch them swirl around and experience the added texture, these omega-3 and antioxidant-rich superseeds will greatly increase the nutritional value of your water. Simply add a teaspoon of chia seeds for every 16oz of water.

2. Fresh lemon. Full of citrus flavor and Vitamin C, fresh lemons are not only delicious and immunity-boosting, they’ll also alkalize your digestive pH, which greatly contributes to overall health. Squeeze in a slice, and then toss it into your water to get the pulp and rind nutrients too.

3. Fresh Mint or basil. Both of these herbs are considered digestive aids, while also serving to reduce inflammation and stress. They’ll add a wonderful aroma to your water and you can eat them at the end!

4. Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera is an incredibly nutrient-packed substance that is not only rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, it is also anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. You can purchase a bottle of pure aloe vera juice, and simply add a tablespoon to your water bottle (drinking aloe vera juice on it’s own would be far less tasty and might even make you feel sick because it is concentrated).

5. Crushed berries. For the sugar-lover, including some crushed organic blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries is the next best thing to fruit juice. You’ll get all the antioxidants and sweet sensation at a fraction of the fructose.

6. Magnesium powder. While I generally promote natural whole foods to serve the majority of nutritional needs, Magnesium is an important and underrated mineral that you don’t want to be missing. It helps the body eliminate toxins and is needed to maintain muscle, nerve, and bone health. It can help you relax in the evening and get energized in the morning. It’s an excellent addition to your healthified water (I use Natural Calm).

7. Ginger. A whole body miracle-root, ginger improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body, reduces nausea and inflammation, and is even an aphrodisiac. Simply slice a few thin pieces and toss them in your water.

8. Vitamin D drops. Because your body is able to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun naturally, this is only recommended if you do not get at least 1 hour of natural sunshine exposure per day. Many people are deficient in this vital nutrient, which aids in the absorption of minerals like calcium, and helps maintain even blood pressure, weight, and immune health. Liquid vitamins mix well into water and are generally better absorbed than their capsule cousins, which may also have additives you don’t want.

Tip: Make a routine of when you’ll amplify your water so that you do it regularly to give your overall health a boost. I generally do this in the morning after my first glass of regular water, mixing the ingredients in my on-the-go glass water bottle before I head out the door.

*This post was originally published on Diana’s site, Living Body Wellness. For more from Diana be sure to visit www.livingbodywellness.com

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