9 Girl Power Tips We Learned from Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character in “Happily N’Ever After”

By The Body Department June 30, 2015

Happy endings don’t always go as planned, or do they? In Happily N’Ever After, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Ella, is quite the inspiring femme fatale. With the odds stacked against her, she works as a servant and maid to her live in stepfamily all the while dreaming of a better world.

Head over heels for Prince Patrick, she dreams of the day when he will sweep her off her feet and they will live happily (ever after). Her best friend and trusty confidant, Rick, is the ever so handsome dishwasher at the palace and is secretly in love with Ella. Although in typical guy fashion, he’s all too proud to admit his true feelings. With two totally different desired outcomes at stake, the movie takes a turn of fate and shows us that timing is everything, if we’d only learn to trust life a little bit.

If any of this sounds familiar, girlfriend take a seat.

I’m here to inform that things are looking up. Life can be tough and dreaming of a better one may seem like the only way to cope. Truth be told, challenges are what make us grow and make this life worth living. Experiencing the bad makes the good that much sweeter. And there is plenty of sweetness to go around.

There’s much to be learned from dear Ella’s not-so fairy tale story. In lessons of life and love, this tale is proof that being a woman in the world isn’t always easy but inner strength always perseveres. Ultimately, life has a way of working out in ways that you could never dream possible.

Behold, the 9 bossiest girl power quotes to light a fire and inspire the woman that you were always meant to be:


Challenge the status quo [Be different and own it.]



Laugh A lot [Laugh when you’re happy (duh), laugh when you’re sad, laugh when you’re speechless and laugh as much as you possibly can. If you’re not laughing, then you’re probably taking life way too seriously. Heck, laugh like your life depends on it. Your happiness definitely does.]



Ignore the haters [Never succumb to the haters. Negative attitudes can only bring you down and you’re not going that way.]


 See possibility everywhere [A miracle is simply a shift in perspective.]


Face your fears  [Success is on the other side of fear. What are you waiting for?]


 Do not compete  [It’s the girl power golden rule. Often times when we get caught up with being the best, we forget that there is plenty to go around. Why compete when we can empower each other and get to the finish line together? After all, a girl boss is nothing without her girl squad.]


Seek to be worth knowing  [Focus on your inner beauty and spread it like fire.]


Embrace your “you-ness” [Comparison is the thief of joy. Ain’t that the truth. Why compare when everyone has their own path in life. No two roads are the same and spending your time wanting to have someone elses, is a waste of the beautiful life that you have.]


unnamed-1Act as you feel, not as you are  [The road to greatness begins with a state of mind. Believe your life is rich and it will certainly show. The foundation for welcoming all that you want into your life is establishing the belief that you already have it.]


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