Cramps? Cravings? 4 Ways to Feel Better During “That Time of The Month”

This is a topic I don’t think I’ve covered yet and it can really take a toll on our health. During my time I sometimes just want to hide under the blankets all week with a box of chocolate and a bag of chips but that is the worst thing I could do. There are tons of challenges mother nature throws at us but there are also tons of ways we can fight back! Here are some of my tips and tricks to get past this uncomfortable week and keep your health on track.

1. The Unbearable Cramps Stop Me From Doing Anything-

-Cramps feel different for everyone and for me I can have them so bad I cant stand. Don’t feel bad that you have to miss your work out because you aren’t feeling well. During this week I enjoy yoga, swimming, and light walks. Green tea can really help ease up your cramps and give you a relaxed feeling. If you have a heating blanket or heating pad place it on your lower tummy to relax those muscles. Omega-3 rich foods also help with muscle contractions. Sometimes I stand really close to the wall and push my stomach into it and take deep breaths, the pressure sends release.

2. Food Cravings-

The cravings I get during this time are unbelievable! I could eat an entire grocery store but fortunately I have ways to beat the urge. One of the main reasons we crave so much food during this time is because we are lacking certain nutrients in our bodies. I usually get really bad head aches and crave sugary food, so instead of going straight for the junk cabinet I turn to fruit, dark chocolate, coffee, smoothies, and yogurt. When I crave salty foods instead of opening up the bag of potato chips I eat nuts, eggs, soup, fish, or celery. When I’m craving carb and starch food I dig into cooked and seasoned vegetables, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, or pretzels. Drinking lots of water helps with cravings too.

3. Moody Attitudes-

Sometimes I feel like knocking pictures off walls and shoving people out of my way (maybe not that extreme) but it’s very important to keep my cool and learn how to control my “bitchy” mood. I can also get pretty emotional and the smallest thing can make me cry. I always look back and laugh at how pathetic I acted. I have to remember to take deep breaths, walk away and relax. If you are one to get horrible mood swings during this week make sure you let the people who are going to be around you know so they don’t think something is seriously wrong with you. When my mom and I lived in the same house she used to know exactly when mother nature was visiting by my emotional swings. Do things that make you relaxed and comfortable. Go see a movie or read a book by the pool. Take a break if something is frustrating you or not going your way. Getting tons of sleep also helps with the grumpiness. Find things that make you laugh!

4. Bloating-

For me it all depends on how I eat and my sodium intake when bloating occurs. I can feel and look so bloated that I refuse to go anywhere or my pants wont snap! It’s very important to drink as much water as you possibly can and to stay away from high sodium and salty foods. Don’t weigh yourself during this week because the scale with be way off. Don’t cave into Diuretics or water pills, they are dangerous and pointless, your body will get rid of the water weight naturally. Don’t torture yourself in tight fitting clothes either, wear comfortable clothes.

What do you do when mother nature visits you?

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