DIY Home Cleaning Spray

By Suppin' Good May 16, 2014

If you got two weeks to spare and dark cupboard, you can make these sprays. Begone, Windex, and even Seventh Generation! A tenet of Suppin’ Good is to get as much out of your food as possible. Create as little waste as possible. So imagine my heart wrenching as I juiced the season’s amazing citrus and had to toss the fragrant orange peels. I had been experimenting with vodka as a cleaning agent, a suggestion from my mother-in-law, who also hipped me to vinegar. The vinegar smell was getting a bit too much for me, especially cleaning large areas like my shower and I was looking for an alternative. But this method can also be extracted using vinegar to lessen the odor. I purchased amber glass bottles with matching spray necks, but you can used industrial plastic (especially if you are adding tea tree oil!) from a hardware store.

Orange Vodka Spray, aka. Screwdriver Spray
Using a vegetable peeler, peel just the orange zest, scraping off any bitter white pith that clings on. Fill a jar of any size with peels, then juice oranges, if desired. PEEL ORANGES BEFORE JUICING!! It will be damn near impossible to do it after, please believe. Place peel in a jar of appropriate size. Seal and store in a dark area for 2 weeks. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the vodka extract and the rest with distilled water. Spray away!

For a lavender spray: 1/3 cup dried or 2/3 cup fresh lavender buds per 16-20 oz. vodka. Proceed as orange spray: 2 weeks in the dark, half vodka/half distilled water.

*I’m throwing in cloves for the next extraction. Mulled wine scent and cloves have been used for anti-bacterial functions for centuries. Keep adding peels and vodka and you’ll never waste another orange again! Try grapefruit, lemon, and lime too while you’re at it!

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