DIY Sexy Pirate Costume

By Chantel October 31, 2014

If you’re anything like me, you probably still don’t know what you’re going to be for Halloween. Well, guess what? Time’s up! Luckily, I came across this amazing makeup tutorial by the one and only Kandee Johnson. It inspired me to come up with a DIY costume to go with the look. So, if you don’t want to be a sexy nurse, police officer, Elsa or any other cheesy character, then this costume is for you.

To make the outfit all you’ll need is:

-Black Lace Trim
-Ribbons (Black and Red)
-A Floppy Hat
-A Glue Gun
-A Blouse (that can be worn off the shoulders)
-A Black Corset (can be substituted with a wide black belt)
-A Flared Skirt
-Fishnet Stockings
-Sexy Boots


1. Take the lace trim and glue it around the rim of your hat.
2. Attach the red ribbon one inch away from the lace, and follow all the way around your hat.
3. Then attach the velcro to each side of the hat, and to the corresponding inner rim.
3. Fold rims up and press velcro until attached so that the rims stay upright.
4. Finally tie the black ribbons around the sleeves of your blouse while on.

This will create a similar look to Kandee’s store bought costume in the video. Voila, you have a costume! Now, go off and party!

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