Eating For One: Keeping It Fresh

By Taralynn McNitt May 18, 2015

One excuse I hear all the time… “I live alone and it’s hard to eat healthy because everything goes bad, it gets too expensive.”

This is true, but only when you aren’t shopping the right way.

Even in large families food goes bad, it’s more about how you shop. Don’t ditch eating fresh food for frozen T.V. dinners. Here are a couple tips that help me out when I’m grocery shopping.

1) Plan out your meals for the week before you go to the grocery store. This prevents you from buying too much.

2) Don’t buy more than you need. Instead of buying a bag of fruit (apples, oranges, grapefruit) buy 4 separate pieces. It may be cheaper to buy them by the bag, but if they are just going to rot what’s the point?

3) Buy containers to keep your produce in. I like to keep my lettuce in bins because they seal and stay fresh longer.

4) Don’t wash your vegetables/fruits until you are ready to eat them. Cleaning them makes them go bad faster.

5) Look for coupons before you go shopping.

6) Chop up vegetables that are slightly going bad for salad toppings. When they are already cut up it makes it more convenient to eat when you are in a hurry.

7) Start bringing your food to work/school. Don’t waste your money at fast food, gas stations or vending machines when you have perfectly fresh food from home to eat.

8) Don’t make the same mistake twice. If you bought a pint of blueberries but didn’t eat them before they went bad, don’t buy them again. Only buy them when you are in the mood for them.

9) Buy foods that are in season. If you buy fresh food when it’s out of season, you will be paying a lot more for it.

10) Make meals that are cohesive to each other when it comes to ingredients. If you are going to buy tons of bell peppers, make sure to add those peppers to your: eggs, salads, pasta dishes or on the side. If you are going to buy bananas makes sure to use them in your: pancakes, cereal, yogurt and baked goods.

11) Don’t buy any fresh food in bulk. It’s smart to buy bulk food that has a long shelf life but buying fresh food in bulk will only dent your wallet if you don’t eat it fast enough.

12) Take advantage of farmers markets. Farmers usually sell their produce for much cheaper because they are under pressure to sell it before it goes bad. They also have cheaper food because they don’t have to pay shipping expenses on their foods.

13) Eat it more often. Always reach for the fruit or veggies before you grab something in the pantry.

On Mondays I plan out what kind of salad to have and buy enough ingredients to make it for 7 days of the week. I never get sick of salads and I switch them up every week. I make sure to eat this as a meal 1 time each day. Yesterday I had this salad for lunch, today I had it for dinner. I love having a bowl of soup on the side with it!

1 Can Chickpeas – $1.69 /2 Tbsp
2 Bags Lettuce – $5.00 /2 Cups
1 Package Feta – $2.49 /1 Tbsp
1 Bag Croutons – $1.99 /2 Tbsp
1 Large Cucumber – $0.49 /3 Tbsp
1 Medium Red Onion $0.69 /1 Tbsp

Seven Salads = $12. 35 / $1.70 per salad

This salad was inspired by my favorite Potbelly’s salad which is $6.95 every time I go. That is almost $50.00 a week. Truth is, it’s more expensive to eat out.

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Image via Foodable TV.

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