Everyday Intention

By Laurie Larson April 22, 2014

Are you using the power of intention to transform your life? When you combine your thoughts, your desires and your focused energy all towards a common goal, you have just harnessed all of the energy you need to accomplish any goal! Use this principle for your eating plan and exercise routine.

With each intention, ask yourself:

1. What do I want to happen today?
2. Why do I want it?
3. What will I do to make it happen?
4. What benefit will I enjoy as a result of doing it?

At the beginning of the day write down three specific things you would like to see manifest.

Example: I want to stick with my healthy eating plan because I want to feel energetic and full of life today, so I will intentionally eat 3 servings of veggies, 2 fruits and 3 servings of protein 3 servings of complex carbs. I will feel great, empowered, energetic and focused!

Example: I want to feel strong; I will take a 30 minute walk at lunch, and hit the circuit at Figures after work. I will set a reminder on my phone so I don’t forget, and when I’m finished, I will feel amazing, and I will sleep great tonight!

If you apply this principle of using your “everyday intention” for three goals every day, not only will you get so much accomplished, but you will propel yourself forward and reach every goal you set for yourself. An added bonus is that you will be able to recognize distractions and eliminate wasted time and energy!

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