FED UP, What The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

By Melody Darlene September 15, 2014

Upending what society has taught us to believe about why we gain weight and how to lose it, Fed Up examines the practices of the American food industry and the role sugar and processed food has played on obesity. Narrated by Katie Couric, Fed Up sheds light on Big Food’s financially-driven infiltration of junk food in public school lunchrooms and the U.S. government’s practice of warning people to eat right while promoting the foods that are actually contributing to obesity. The numbers and facts in this documentary are astounding! (ie: “There are 600,000 food products in America, 80% of them have added sugar.”)

There are a ton of opinions surrounding the great sugar debate, however I can only speak on my own experiences. It’s been 1 year since I removed sugar and processed foods from my diet and I have never felt better! I’ve always struggled with my weight, but as soon as I made this lifestyle change, I saw results – physically, emotionally, and mentally. In recent years, the idea that sugar (rather than fat) causes both obesity and diabetes has been gaining support amongst nutrition and health experts alike. In addition, earlier this year, an alliance of doctors and academics called sugar “the new tobacco,” blaming it for an array of health problems as well as contributing to early death. Scary stuff, right?

My one critique of the film is that they didn’t discuss how antibiotics, hormones, and other growth enhancers in our meat (even arsenic, yes ARSENIC) have also played a huge role in the U.S. obesity epidemic . In all fairness, that’s a larger conversation and perhaps needed to be saved for a whole new documentary. (Side note: if you eat meat, buy organic, free-range only!)

Fed Up is available to rent or own on iTunes and Amazon, so be sure to check it out!

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