How to Find Your Voice: 4 Essentials to Speaking Your Truth

By Caley Philipps January 15, 2015

One of the things I’m most loving ’bout my year long blogging goal is how it’s helping me to find my voice. It’s been an awesome challenge to figure out how to say what I want to say in 500(ish) words. And, how to speak my truth in a way that feels good to me without worrying about what other people think.

In other words, how to speak my truth with grace.

This is what I call my voice. It’s me, my thoughts, my words, my beliefs shared with grace and compassion and hopefully a little humor. You don’t have to love it, you don’t even have to agree with it, that’s not what MY voice is about. MY voice is about me, clearly sharing myself in a way that I feel good about. So that I feel confident no matter the outcome.

The same applies to you and your voice.

The more you speak your truth, the more awesome-fitting jobs, relationships, support systems and partners in crime you’ll draw into your life. And the more confident, peaceful and sure you’ll feel no matter the situation.

Finding your voice = befriending yourself.

Here are 4 essentials to finding your voice and speaking your truth:

1. Practice.

To find your voice you’ve got to practice using it. Like finding the perfect jeans you’ve got to try out different stances, levels of compassion, viewpoints and vocab in order to find what fits best.

This can’t be done in your head. You’ve got to get your body involved for it to become comfortable and your new normal. Talk it out with friends, mentors or any support system, even the mirror can help. Write it out in journals, blogs, letters, poems, songs, you name it. Anything that helps you create an actual friendship (not a fantasy of a friendship) with you, your truth and your voice.

2. Pay attention to how you FEEL.

The thing about your voice and your truth is that it’ll feel good to you. You’ll feel peaceful, confident, sure no matter the outcome. If you feel tense, pissed, constricted, or worried about what other people think then it’s not your voice (yet).

So as you practice speaking your truth take time to pay attention to how it makes you feel. Are you happy with what it brings your way? Do you want more of what it creates in your life? This’ll tell you when you’re on the right track or missing the mark.

3. Embrace the “I can’t” statements.

We all have internal glass ceilings. They’re usually complete blind spots to us.

They’re things we believe we can’t do, or can’t say, or can’t want and remain loved. If speaking your truth, or thinking about speaking your truth, brings up “I can’t” statements then we’ve hit on something important. These blocks, beliefs and glass ceilings are what’s actually in your way.

4. Ask for help releasing the blocks.

When we’re missing something we want in our life (like more money, relationships, happiness, passion) it tells us that we’re not yet able to possess that thing. If we knew how to have it, how to do it, how to feel it, it’d already be part of our life. So instead of asking for help “getting what we want” ask for help releasing the blocks to allowing it into our lives. When it comes to your voice that means asking for help releasing the “I can’t” statements that hold you back.

It doesn’t matter how connected you are to your truth, if you have a belief that says, “I can’t say that” you’ll never be able to speak your truth. Make sense?

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