Fitstagram Friday: @iamtulin

By The Body Department June 26, 2015

We’re really excited about this week’s Fitstagram Friday featuring @iamtulin, for 2 reasons.

1. She’s a breath of fresh air in the fitness world.
2. Her motto is: More sassy than classy. Cute face, thick waist, chubby legs, and in shape.

Yeah, we knew you’d be obsessed too.

She goes by Coach Tulin and she is a plus size health and fitness motivator. She is unafraid to speak her mind and that just might be what we love about her most of all.

She shares things like, her first time wearing shorts in public and reminds us that it’s the little things in life to get excited about.¬†Among the ultra inspiring progress pictures on her feed, you can also find funny videos and words of wisdom.

Coach Tulin is a little piece of joy and a dash of positivity all wrapped into one.

Follow her journey on Instagram, @iamtulin!



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