A Health-Conscious Guide To Dorm Room Snacking

By Brienne Peers August 11, 2014

We all have those times when we just need something to eat. A quick snack before heading off to an afternoon class, a snack (or two) during a late night study sesh, whenever. It is always great to have some snacks on hand in your dorm instead of having to go to the cafeteria and have a meal when all you really want is something light and quick. Today I am sharing with you all a list of “Dorm Room Eats,” which are foods that are great to keep in your dorm for any of those times. I don’t want to be cooking a meal in my dorm room, so I keep it easy with snacks and on-the-go portable foods.

Print off this “Dorm Room Eats” list here and check out my favorite eats below:

Natural Almond (or peanut) butter is a definite must-have! Spread it on a rice cake, banana, or crackers for a great snack!

These Justin’s single-serving nut butters are one of my favorite things right now, they will be great for snacks on-the-go!

Rice Cakes are one of my favorite go-to snacks right now! I love spreading some peanut butter on top and it holds me over until the next meal!

Skinny Pop is great for movie nights in the dorm! You can indulge in this popcorn and feel no guilt! Go for the Super Big Skinny too!

Fresh fruit is always something I keep in my dorm room. I take bananas, apples, and oranges from the cafeteria (sh don’t tell!) and keep them for a post-workout snack, late night study snack, or just a quick snack. Grab some cinnamon and a fresh apple and make my favorite snack- cinnamon apples!

Trail Mix is a great snack to keep in your dorm room. It is packed with protein and lasts a long time so you can buy yourself a big bag and it will last you for a while. I love any of the Trader Joe’s trail mixes.

LaraBars are my fav especially because I feel like I am eating a candy bar when I eat it but it is completely natural! My favorite is the Peanut Butter Cookie…it’s dairy-free!

I always like keeping some kind of cracker on hand in my dorm. I love these pita bite crackers from Trader Joe’s, but also love Wheat Thins as well!

Oatmeal is great to keep in the dorm. Skip the instant oatmeal and go for some Old Fashioned Oats for way less sugar and you can still add in your own seasonings, butters, etc.

Almonds and dried fruit are great snacks to grab on-the-go!

If you don’t want to eat a whole LaraBar for a snack, these mini ones are great! They are only 100 calories and taste exactly the same! I have only seen them in Peanut Butter Cookie and Apple Pie so far, but I love both of them so no complaints here!

As many of you know- I LOVE Sparkling Ice and it is great when you are craving something other than water. Since it’s pretty difficult to keep fresh herbs and frozen fruit on hand for naturally flavoring your water in the dorms, this does the trick! La Croix water is also a great option!

What are your favorite “Dorm Room Eats”?


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