Health Hack: 5 Ways To Detox Your Skin

By LEAFtv July 20, 2016

You already know that we are huge beauty and skin care buffs, so we wanted to share five ways to help re-set your skin from the inside-out. Once you hit the re-set button and begin a skin detox, all of your products and attempts at glowing skin will actually start to penetrate the skin ten-fold.

These five tips all share a common bond of jump-starting clear, youthful skin – certain tips are internal (probiotics, water quality) and others are topical ways to help pull toxins up and out of the skin surface. Here’s the deal:

1. Dry Skin BrushingRemoves dead skin cells and increases circulation.

2. Pink Clay Soap: French pink clay is known for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation & improving elasticity.

3. Apple Cider VinegarUse as a toner to balance the skin’s pH (more uses here!)… you can also take a shot of ACV every morning for an internal flush.

4. Drink Clean Water: Use a Charcoal Filter to reduce bacteria, simply throw it in your water bottle or water pitcher. And/or, use a copper Ayurveda water bottle which is believed to increase melanin production and regulate your liver and kidney functions.

5. Probiotics: A healthy gut translates to beautiful skin! Drink probiotic rich drinks such as kombucha or kefir, and consult with your doctor to add probiotic supplements to your diet.


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