Healthy Travel: Tips and Tricks

By Shawn Johnson February 12, 2014

How do you stay healthy and on point when your life is in motion and you are running like a mad woman?!?

Whether you’re a college kid who lives in the library, or a business woman who lives in airports, women are becoming more powerful, work committed, and success-driven individuals every day. With that, we sometimes forget that our first priority should be ourselves. It should be about taking care of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, and making good decisions in the midst of our crazy lives.

So, as I go in and out of every airport across the country and world, I have been studying what there is to accommodate the traveling woman. I have found countless articles, magazines tear-outs, and other blogs I’m excited to share with you all that may help you in your crazy lives and make better decisions that will ultimately make you a stronger, sexier, healthier woman!!!

My Airport Go-Tos:
– Cafe Americano from Starbucks, and if I need sugar I may get one pump of vanilla syrup (I steer clear of any artificial sugars)
– Whole fruit! (bananas, apples, oranges)
– Veggie trays (The ones that have raw veggies and ranch…. I just throw away the ranch)
– Hummus… If I can find it!
– Almonds
– Tea (A lot of hot green tea)
– Turkey Jerky (Has a lot of sodium but still a good option!)
– Salads (I try to find hearty salads when I can and I just hold the dressing)
– WATER!!! It should be your new best friend when you are traveling! Traveling knocks down your immune system, dehydrates you, makes you bloat, and water helps aid in preventing all of that!!

My travel companions (the things I can get through security and don’t go bad!!):
– Almonds and trail mix (Not the kind that have chocolate and yogurt covered stuff. Just nuts and maybe raisins)
– Baby carrots! (literally just buy a bag and stick it in your carry-on)
– Tea! My newest obsession is Teavana! I literally go in and buy a pound of tea and a travel mug/steeper and just keep it in my purse when I travel. You can get hot water anywhere and on top of all of the benefits tea has to offer, it’s a win win!!
– Turkey Jerky
– Baked veggie chips!
*I will make these in advance and take them with me. Kale chips or sweet potato chips are my favorite! You can also bake chickpeas and edamame and season them for a great snack!!

My other travel tip is to find a grocery store wherever you are. I always like to find one as soon as I land and grab some fresh fruit, veggies, maybe some deli meat, and I love cottage cheese! I don’t know about you but whenever I travel, no matter where I eat or what it is… If it’s from a restaurant or from the airport it just feels unhealthy for some reason. So finding a grocery store and eating something  simple and clean always makes me feel better than ordering room service or take out!

My travel grocery list:
– Apples
– Grapes
– Low sodium Deli Turkey
– Low fat Fiber One Cottage Cheese (It’s the best kind and full of protein)
– Steamer veggies!!! You can find a microwave in almost every single hotel so these are super easy. If you don’t have a microwave in your room you can always ask the front desk to have the kitchen microwave it for you.


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