Help! I’m Hungry

By Laurie Larson May 9, 2014

Our hunger is simply a cue! It clues us in to what is going on in our bodies. Even though you may think hunger is the nemesis of your weight loss efforts, let me assure you, it’s not! Your “true hunger” has been programmed to keep and protect your lean body mass. Our problem is not our hunger, but the misinterpretation of our body’s cues and our emotions!

You will reach your optimum weight by listening to your true hunger and feeding your body what it needs, how much it needs, and when it needs it!

1. Eat when you are truly hungry! (Grumbly stomach, taste buds on high alert)
2. Feed your body a meal of 300 calories.
Example: 3 oz protein, lots of veggies, tsp. of fat, and 1/2 cup of complex carbs like brown rice or pasta.
3. Eat two small snacks a day 150-200 calories each. Example: 1 apple and 15 almonds.
4. Stop eating BEFORE you are full.
5. Don’t eat if you aren’t physically hungry. Example: “I deserve these cookies!” or “Hmm what looks good?”

Those are both signs of emotional eating cues! Try taking a walk, having a cup of tea or a big glass of water. Reduce “stress eating” by journaling your feelings instead of feeding them. If you suspect an emotional response has triggered you to eat, simply “purge the urge! Just wait 15 minutes, and then re-assess the hunger cue!

If you feed your body what it needs, when it needs it, and make sure you are getting the nutrients to make it thrive, your body will repay you by supplying you with plenty of vibrant energy and abundant health!

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