Home Health Hack: Natural Remedy for Scars

By Reece Carter September 9, 2015

Scars? Stretch marks? Eczema? Or even just cuts and abrasions? I have an easy and natural remedy you can make in your very own kitchen.

This is my go-to, moisturizing, nourishing skin oil for when my eczema flares up (my trigger? Stress, of course!) Calendula stimulates skin healing, while the vitamin C in rose hips helps collagen synthesis and promotes new healthy skin development.

Home Health Hack Natural Remedy for Scars

2 tsp dried rose hip
2 tsp dried calendula
4 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp vitamin E oil

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*This post was originally published on Reece’s website, Reece Carter Naturopathy. For more from Reece visit http://www.reececarter.com.au.

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