How to Beat the Winter Blues

By Caley Philipps October 28, 2014

Here in Seattle fall is in the air, and it’s wonderful! I’m kinda perfect for Seattle life. I look forward to each season– even winter. Call me crazy but I love the short days and rain of winter just as much as the long days and sun of summer. Now, there’s definitely a few tricks to loving life when it gets dark at 4:00pm. As the weather changes you’ve got to change your routine to match.

Like everything else in life you have a choice: you can sulk, feel crummy and blame it on the weather. Or, you can do something about it. I say, let’s do something about it! Here are 5 super simple tips for beating the winter blues:

1. Lighting makes everything better.

One of the biggest keys to having a cozy winter is lighting.

No one wants to spend all day and then all night under the blaring overhead lighting of our offices + homes. It can start to feel a bit like we’re under interrogation, no? Setting the mood with some ambiance lighting changes the feeling of whatever you’re doing and creates feelings of coziness + nurture instead of interrogation.

Use lamps, candles, low watt light bulbs, Christmas lights, Himalayan salt lamps and plug-in dimmers to create a perfectly lit, super cozy space you’ll actually want to hang in.

2. Treat staying in as an event, too.

A little intention + purpose turns any evening into a night filled with passion. It’s part of why summer activities feel good. You decide what sounds good and align your actions. Well, same goes staying in!

Invite friends over for a movie night, board games, cards, wine tastings, cook-off’s, football games, dance parties, Wii Olympics, make-your-own-pizza-night or a cookie bake-off. Or, enjoy a relaxing evening or rainy afternoon on your own with at home spa treatments, good books, tear jerker movies, yummy treats, or TV marathons.

Really the options are endless!

With just a little thought, purpose + being in the present moment anything, literally anything, can feel like a special event.

3. Explore the great Indoors.

One of the great things about summer is that there’s so much to do. Well, winter has its own set of adventures.

They tend to be childhood memories, ’cause our parents knew we needed to get out of the house, and they still totally work today. Indoor activities like the driving range, batting cages, bowling, skating (roller or ice), rock climbing, dancing, cooking classes, spa days, live music, pool halls, arcades, book stores, coffee shops, wine bars are great ways to get out of the house, shake the cobwebs off + feel alive. No matter what the weather’s doing outside.

4.Never underestimate the power of a warm drink.

When the weather’s cold there’s nothing quite like a warm drink to up the cozy factor. Holding, sipping, steam gazing a hot cup of something yummy is kinda like sitting and watching the waves roll in.

No matter what you’re doing this winter, adding a hot cuppa tea, water with lemon, hot chocolate, latte, cider or mulled wine to your routine will take whatever you’re doing from have-to-do to super-cozy.

5. Decorate.

OK, I admit it, this one I’m not so reliable with. And, I notice a major difference in how we feel during the winter months when I actually take the time to decorate. Simple decorations like pumpkins + gourds, fall leaves, yummy seasonal candles or air fresheners make everything you do at home cozier.

Winter is a time for lying low and hibernation and nothing makes your home feel more comfy-please-hibernate-here-like than some extra (seasonal) decorations.

I’m telling you, if you combine all of these 5 beat the winter blues tips you’ll find yourself hoping for rain + looking for reasons to stay home.

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