How-To Healthify Your Starbucks Order

By Lauren Shaber August 6, 2015

I love Starbucks. The drinks, the food, the ambiance… it’s so cozy for some reason. In college, I did my best studying at Starbucks (I spent a lot of time at the one down the street), but swayed towards drinks that probably aren’t the best for my waistline.

Healthify Your Starbucks | Lauren Lives Healthy

-Non-fat chai with sugar-free vanilla.
-Passion iced tea lemonade.
-Green tea lemonade with half the sweetener.
-Iced coffee with 2 pumps white mocha.
-Caramel apple spice with whipped cream.

Those were my go-to orders. Some are moderately healthy (iced tea, chai and coffee), while others aren’t. One time, I came in 4 days in a row during finals and the women at the counter had my order ready before I got to the front of the line. Super embarrassing. Anyways, now that I’m a tad more health-conscious, I set out to find new items to order at the coffee shop… and found my new favorite drink.

Healthify Your Starbucks | Lauren Lives Healthy


Healthify Your Starbucks | Lauren Lives Healthy

This drink is super refreshing, a tad sweet thanks to the honey, and pretty healthy compared to what you could order. I love it.

I came up with some guidelines to keep my orders waist-friendly:

-Portion control. Remember what you’re ordering. If you’re splurging, stick to a tall.
The flavor will still be there, but you won’t be overloading your body with extra sugar, carbs, calories or fat.

-Skip the syrup. Unfortunately, these yummy additions don’t do anything for you nutritionally but add additional calories. They’re made of artificial flavorings, which isn’t good for your body if you’re trying to eat whole, clean foods. If I get sweetener, I stick to 1-2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, which appears to have the least amount of damage.

-Tea is your friend. Iced or hot, tea is always a good option. There’s a variety of choices and it’s just soaked in hot water. Add in honey for sweetener and you’re set to go. For iced versions, I stick to green tea (metabolism booster), chamomile (in the afternoon when I’m not drinking caffeine), passion or mint. But really, you can’t go wrong.

-Don’t be afraid to customize your drink. Ask for half of the syrup, soy or non-fat milk instead of regular, or no whipped cream…whatever it may be. The baristas are understanding and they want to make sure you get what you want. Don’t feel bad!

-When in doubt, make your own at home. Not only do you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, but you save money and you can make more than one at a time. Win-win, right?

The frozen cherries were just for fun, but they added a delicious flavor that I loved. And they act as ice cubes so your juice doesn’t get watered down. I’m telling you, buy the passion tea brew it up, let it cool, then add in the other ingredients. It honestly tastes so refreshing on a summer afternoon — the passion tea doesn’t have caffeine, so you can enjoy it later in the day. I’ll definitely be making this more as it gets hotter.

Healthify Your Starbucks | Lauren Lives Healthy

Healthify Your Starbucks | Lauren Lives Healthy

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