How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

By Sara C. January 5, 2015

Everyone experiences dry skin in the winter, but when you have hypothyroidism the dryness is even worse. I already have dry skin from my dad’s side of the family so combining that with my diagnosis, I consider myself some what of a master at relieving dry skin, especially during the cold winter months.

Here are my tips to prevent dry skin in the winter time:

1. Stay hydrated. Skin isn’t hydrated just from the outside, it’s hydrated from the inside to. Many people don’t think you get as dehydrated in the winter because it isn’t hot like the summer. That is not the case. Cold and windy weather is very harsh on skin and it’s important to drink lots of water to help combat the dryness.

2. Oil up! For some people, lotion may be enough. For me, it isn’t. If I apply lotion in the morning, by lunch my skin is ashy and dry again. I have started using oil instead and completely obsessed with it. By dinner time my skin still feels smooth and hydrated. Currently I have been using The Honest Company’s organic body oil, but you can use even baby oil. When I used lotion I had to put lotion on my whole body 2-3 times a day, but now I just use the oil once.
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3. Hydrate right after your shower. Sometimes when I’m getting ready I’ll forget to put oil/lotion on. By the time I remember, my skin already feels dry and itchy. In order for me to remember I put my organic body oil in my shower. That way when I am done showering, I dry off, and put the oil or lotion on right there in the shower. The steam from the shower keeps my skin hydrated for a little longer and keeps me warm as well. I do this every single day and I wish I could tell you the difference that I feel and see in my skin.

4. Keep hand lotion with you at all times. Every time I wash my hands I put hand lotion on immediately afterwards. Many soaps now are a foam consistency and have a lot of alcohol in them which dries out skin terribly. There are so many travel size hand lotions so it is easy to keep one with you at all times.

5. Don’t shave as often! Let’s be honest here, it’s winter time and you are wearing pants every day. There is NO need to shave your legs every day. Shave your legs as little as possible. When you shave you are putting tiny cuts all over the skin and this contributes a lot to dehydrating. Believe me, your guy will love you with or without hairy legs.

I am not a doctor or dermatologist, I’m just a girl that has suffered my whole life from dry skin that got even worse when my symptoms of hypothyroidism arose. These tips are what I did and still do to help and I hope that it helps someone else as well!

*This post was originally published on Sara’s website, The Working Athlete. For more from Sara visit!

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