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How-To Self Back Massage For Ultimate Stress Relief

Ah massages, they feel nice don’t they?

Someone’s warm and thoughtful hands caressing and rubbing your body, releasing tension, making you feel relaxed to the point of euphoric. Pretty nice if you can get it, but of course we don’t all have a personal masseuse living in our bedrooms. Even if you have a willing partner they probably won’t do it as often as you’d like, or worse, they dare to ask for massages in return. The nerve!

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In case you didn’t know, you’ve got two hands of your own, and they’re pretty darn good at reaching – and massaging – most parts of your body.

You feed yourself, bathe yourself, and love yourself, so why not massage yourself too?

It’s easier than you think and I promise it’ll leave you feeling just as relaxed and happy as having someone else do it, if not even more so!

Your self-massage instructions are below, but first, just in case you were wondering if this is really worth your time, here are a few reasons to do it. Massages…

-relieve stress
-reduce pain
-can be a meditative experience
-help you connect with your inner self
-help heal sports injuries
-improve circulation
-support hormonal balance
-enhance flexibility
-nourish skin if you’re using a natural oil or lotion
-help provide restful sleep
-make you feel awesome

When I’ve had a long day I create a pre-sleep, self-love ceremony with a scented candle, my favorite body oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, homemade body butter, or anything else that’s made with natural and gentle ingredients), dimmed lights, and maybe some relaxing music. It’s the perfect way to wash away any of the day’s stress. Here’s what you do:

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Lay out a towel on the floor so you’re sitting on something soft and absorbent yet firm enough to keep you awake and aligned.

Begin with your legs in a butterfly pose with the bottoms of your feet touching, and start to rub the soles of your feet for a minute.

Now focus on one foot, doesn’t matter which one, and massage it with complete love, adoration, and thoughtfulness. Massage the top of the foot, tracing the spaces between the toes and rubbing the toes themselves, the sole and arch of the foot, the heel. Really make sure that every part of the foot is rubbed.

As you’re doing this, focus the mind on that foot as well, how it has taken you through life, gets you where you need to be, and is your connection to the earth. A foot is really amazing! Rub with full conscious gratitude.

Next, do the same with the other foot.

Moving up, rub your ankles, shins, calves, knees, thighs, hips, tush, lower back, sides, belly, chest, then your arms, shoulders, neck, and even your face. Take your time and close your eyes if you like, linger over certain areas if they need more attention. This is your chance to connect with your body so try to empty your mind and just focus on nourishing yourself through rubbing.

If you like you can even rub your scalp and get the oil in your hair to sleep with as an overnight mask. Feeling free to get fully oily and ending with a scalp massage is a fantastic way to complete the process. Or leave your hair dry, up to you!

Doing this right before bed is a great way to wash away stress and prepare yourself for a deeply restful sleep. Make it a regular thing and you’ll find yourself experiencing more calm and ease in everyday life. It’s basically free therapy, enjoy and play with the process to see what you like best.

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