How to Take an Active Study Break

By Brienne Peers December 3, 2014

Oh, it’s that time of year again…and I wish I was talking about Christmas. It’s getting to be the end of the semester for many college students and that means: FINALS WEEK! There is so much to get done and it feels as if there is no time at all to get everything done. I know for me, the next week will consist of studying, working, working out, eating, and sleeping. Sounds fun, right? For as much studying as us college kids do, it is important to take breaks every once in a while and not sit in front of your math book for 3 hours straight. I came up with some active ways to take a study break, instead of the usual netflix or ice cream break. Keeping active during finals week is a great way to keep your stress levels down and improve your performance on exams!

1. Take a walk: This is one of the best stress relievers, especially when you are able to take a walk outside. I try to switch up where I study throughout finals week a lot, and sometimes taking a walk to my next study spot is the best way to take a break.

2. Stretch: Just moving about and stretching your legs and arms is a great way to move away from your studies and let your body breathe for a moment. No one likes being sore the day after being hunched over studying all day!

3. Yoga: My favorite way to relieve stress. I can focus all of my energy into a few yoga poses and come back to my studies feeling refreshed and much less stressed.

4. Go for a bike ride: Grab your bike and enjoy the ride! Enjoy nature and the outdoors and use this time not to think about your studies. Think about the great beauty of what is outside today.

5. Stair Climbing: For those of you who study at the library, this is a great way to get those muscles moving. Yoga and a dance party probably aren’t the best options at the library, but if your library has stairs, try going up and down them a few times just to keep moving.

6. Dance Party: Even if you are studying alone, crank up the tunes and dance out all the stress! If you are studying with friends, get up all together and dance it out! Pick out a few songs to dance to each break and you will feel great! Favorite song to dance to right now: Roar by Katy Perry

I still plan on going for a run each morning, because that is a huge stress reliever for me and a great way to start my day!


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