If Oil Pulling Makes You Gag, You Need To Try This Hack!

By The Body Department March 8, 2018

Oil pulling became very trendy about 3 years ago even though it’s been ayurvedic cleansing practice for a very long time. I recall an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians… yes, I am ashamed that this is my reference. But in the scene Kourtney was explaining that she does it in the early mornings before brushing her teeth while her sisters ridiculed her for it. I remember thinking what the hell is oil pulling and why would I willingly put oil in my mouth? I dug around and read about it’s super benefits and my curiosity hooked me. I grabbed some unrefined coconut oil at my local Vitamin Shoppe and tried it out. I started seeing [on the surface] results like whiter teeth but each time I did it, it made me feel a little nauseous. So I worked around a trick or two to not feel that way and figured it would be worth sharing if you’re a gag-meister like me.

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