Lea Michele Talking Health & Happiness All Week Long

By Lea Michele October 19, 2015

Hi all! I am so excited to be joining The Body Department this week as Guest Editor! The theme I’ve chosen for us this week is “Health and Happiness.” These topics occupy a big part of our lives, so I’m looking forward to hearing all about it from everyone.

In my new book You First we talk about exactly that – you! Putting yourself first in life seems almost redundant. Obviously, right? But when you really break it down, there are a lot of different parts of yourself that you need to look after. That’s where the concept of You First came from. It’s a book that helps you take care of yourself.

“Health” is part of the first chapter of my book for a reason. It’s such an important part of us. This can include anything from finding the perfect workout routine to changing up your grocery list! But in the end, it’s about holding yourself accountable and, most importantly, having fun!

“Happiness” is the last (but not least!) chapter of my book. Understanding what really makes you happy can be a difficult process. What are your hobbies? What does happiness mean to you? How do you make the best of every day?

You First doesn’t just talk about health and happiness. Some of the other topics we cover are work, relationships, and role models. Journaling has really helped me achieve my goals and get in touch with who I am. I hope You First helps you to do the same!

Can’t wait to hear from you all about your experiences in health and happiness!

Check out the rest of our Health & Happiness posts curated by our Guest Editor, Lea Michele, all week long. Also, be sure to get Lea’s book, You First, a book about, “respecting and understanding what you really want — and then going out to achieve it.”

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