Lea Michele’s #YouFirstFitness Is a Movement We Can Get Behind

By The Body Department August 28, 2015

If you’re a Lea Michele fan (who isn’t?) you are well aware of her bangin’ bod and passion for all things health and wellness. Her Instagram alone is comprised of countless pilates poses, quite the enviable collection of workout gear, and kale shakes for days. Just the kind of things we, here at The Body Department, go hearts-pumping-out-of-the-eyes emoji status over. 

Long story short, she gets it. What we love most about all this, is the community driven push for a health centered lifestyle. The “we’re all in this together” approach is just what the world needs more of. We more than love it. It’s exactly the thing that fitness dreams are made of.

Here’s a recap of what the whole challenge was about. #YouFirstFitness took place last month. However, it continues to gain popularity on social media even through this month. Weeks were given themes, each week encompassing a different challenge all aimed to encourage one another to stay motivated and join in on the fitness happenings.

Check out the awesome response from LM fans all around the world via Twitter: #YouFirstFitness

Week 1 – Workout Activities

The first week highlighted favorite activities to stay fit. From hiking with a friend, to dancing it out in a group class, there was no shortage of workout activities to show just how much people like their fitness.

Week 2 – The Gear
Every girl loves a good sports bra, at least they should. You’re either a yoga pant or sweats girl. From comfort to cute, workout gear is one of the most fun parts of working out!


Week 3 – Music
What are you listening to? Personally, updating your workout playlists is one of the best ways to stay motivated at the gym. From Meghan Trainor to Nicki Minaj the right tune sets the tone for a workout.

Week 4 – Food
Seeing what other people eat to stay healthy is such a motivator. Note to self – bananas and OJ make for a super charged breakfast!


We’re so inspired by all the inspired. Here’s to making #YouFirstFitness a year round thing. Because every day should be a reason to live a healthy lifestyle!

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