Lose Weight by Eating More?

By Laurie Larson April 14, 2014

Do you want to lose weight? Then eat more!

What? Eat more to lose weight? Yes, to lose weight you must eat more. More whole grains, more veggies, more “good” fat and more frequently! Don’t believe me? I dare you to take this challenge!

For one week, write down everything you eat. The following week, add two servings of non-starchy veggies to every meal, (not potatoes or corn). Exchange all of your carbohydrates for whole grains (instead of cereal for breakfast, have slow cooked oatmeal and instead of white bread or pasta, have whole wheat). And add three 100 calorie servings of “good” fats per day (Olive oil, flax seed oil or raw nuts). Also, eat more frequently. Aim to consume 300-400 calories every four hours.

You will lose weight, maintain vibrant energy, feel amazing, feel satisfied all day long and reduce or end your cravings for sugar and simple carbs!

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