Quiz: Which of The 5 Love Languages Are You?

By The Body Department August 12, 2015

Most would agree that love is the greatest feeling there is. The mere thought of that ideal counterpart to share the experience of life with, can entice the most pro-single advocate to settle down. If not the abundance of friends on social media posting happy couple photos via engagement rings and baby announcements, there’s something about a romantic comedy that makes us want to fall in love. 

The movie Letters to Juliet, not only stars one of our very favorite lead actresses, Amanda Seyfried (gotta love her), it’s also a beautiful reminder that some things are meant to be.

Aspiring writer Sophie and her fiancé go to Verona for a pre-wedding trip. Plans get cut short due to business, leaving poor Sophie to sightsee alone. She visits Juliet’s famous house, where for generations lovelorn women have left letters asking for advice in Juliet’s brick wall. The locals who answer the letters on Juliet’s behalf invite Sophie to join them and her response to a 50-year old letter will change several lives forever.

According to experts, there are five distinct love languages. What’s yours? Take the quiz to find out!

Be sure to check out one of our favorite guilty pleasures, Letters to Juliet on iTunes!

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