Quiz: Which Style of Dance Are You?

By The Body Department August 17, 2015

D-A-N-C-E. A five letter word that paints a picture different for every person doing it. It means personal expression in the form of free flowing arms, leg dips and pelvic thrusts. A favored and cherished past time that doesn’t cost a thing (old school j.lo I miss you). Cut a rug, get down, boogie, shake it- the list goes on. For the unfortunate ones that can’t make rhythm happen if Beyonce was trapped inside your body, I feel for you. 

I think this very discovery is where my obsession for dance movies started and why it never stopped. I’m in awe of the talent of those that possess the skill. It’s straight up impressive. Don’t get me started on synchronistic routines. My jaw will drop and I won’t even be shy about it.

Dance movies are no stranger to film but hands down one of the greatest of all time is Step Up. Starring Mr. Channing himself (if that isn’t enough) the characters, the vibes and the killer moves is exactly the reason why it trumps our list of must watch dance movies.

To find out which style of dance you are, take the quiz!

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