See You at the Barre

By Anna Hawkins April 14, 2015

After a long day, for most it doesn’t get much better than a post work happy hour. Maybe for you its relaxing at home with some wine, while others heading to the bar. For me, it’s heading straight to the Barre. A happy hour of strengthening, lifting, toning and firming is the exact sweat session I need. If your class instructor is like mine, she may even throw in a little Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” while you shake your hips side to side in plié. Lifting my butt and dancing to T. Swift? Um, yes please!

My latest and greatest obsession is Barre class. This amazing workout is welcomed by every one of all shapes and sizes. Seriously, all you have to know how to do is show up and be able to hold onto a ballet barre. For me, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways in quickly changing my problem areas. Also ladies, since I have been consistently heading to Barre, my husband is always telling me how great my butt looks. We all want to look good for ourselves first, but it’s nice when your special someone notices the hard work as well

Barre has become my yoga. I want to love yoga so bad, but I just have a hard time connecting with a slower paced workout. Thank goodness I found barre, another slower paced workout, to replace the major fail of a relationship that is yoga and me. I try to do barre 2-3 times weekly, and I have noticed great improvement in my flexibility and my body. So if you’re like me, dump yoga and give barre a chance.

Don’t walk, RUN to your local gym or barre studio. Trust me, this Barre beats out the bar any day of the week. Summer is quickly approaching and your body will thank you for doing this workout when you put that bikini back on.

What are you doing next weekend? Meet you at the Barre.

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