Sh*t Well And BE Happy: An Herbal Guide to Tea

By Melissa Longo June 15, 2015

What goes in must come out and the same goes when talking about matters of the Tract – and yes! I mean, the Digestive Tract.

It may not be the most glamorous of subjects and believe me, I can already see your eyes glossing over like you’re reminiscing the latest Walking Dead episode. (Am I really supposed to believe this dude rocking a mullet knows how to save the world??) So, I will try my best to add a little kick to this Herbal Guide that will in return, kick your digestion in the bum – pun intended. 

Life is all about balance, right? We know we have to maintain a healthy diet, get loads of fiber, drink a swimming pool worth of water, find time to make it to the gym, get enough beauty sleep to put Aurora to shame, and to somehow completely eliminate stress from our lives (have you heard of traffic, in-laws, bills?) not to mention your 9 to 5, friends, family, this thing called dating, the pressure of maintaining share-worthy social media, and your apparent Walking Dead addiction.

All of this is great, but it can also be really hard. And there is always somebody’s birthday, a holiday, or a wedding waiting around the corner to throw your system a little bit out of whack – either you boozed too hard, you ate too much, or you stayed up too late.

With everything life throws at us, it’s likely our digestive system could use a bit of assistance. And that’s exactly where digestive tea comes busting through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man. Only healthy.

Let’s get clear. Herbs are an easy way to aid digestion and help our bodies get back on Tract – yet another pun intended. The following herbs will help just that:

Dandelion will kick-start your digestion while unclogging your pipe of any leftover waste and toxins.

This next herb causes quite the movement as a laxative and a soother to digestion by reducing any irritation or inflammation going on in your tract. This bad boy goes by the name of Chickweed. Inclusive of eliminating waste, chickweed also helps cleanse the blood.

Feeling a “Rumbly in your Tumbly”? Fennel is just what Pooh…Winnie the Pooh suggests because it calms upset stomachs and the unspoken things that girls never do, like gas and #3′s. Plus, it has been know to help increase metabolism!

Calendula is great at solving gastrointestinal problems. Say goodbye to indigestion, cramps, diarrhea, and tract inflammation.

Peppermint & Spearmint will not only make you feel refreshed (which after all this talk, it is high in demand), but will relieve stomach issues while protecting the gut lining.

So there ya have it, your herbal guide to everything you need to know about making regular healthy visits to the porcelain throne.


Now get your sh*t together and be happy with Digest-Aid!




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