How to Sidestep Resistance

By Caley Philipps November 26, 2014

This week I’m in the throws of a major battle. See, I had a blog post all planned for this week. It’s outlined. It’s something I’m passionate about. And it’s clear as day… IN MY HEAD. And, I just can’t. get. it. out. Trying to move this post from my head to the page feels like trying to move a mountain. So frustrating! This, my friends, is the shared frenemy: resistance.

Resistance shows up in all of us. At the most annoying times. Without it achievements don’t feel as sweet. And with it, our purpose is in jeopardy. Learning to handle and sidestep resistance is key in becoming who you’re meant to be.

“The more important an activity is to a soul’s evolution the more resistance you will feel.” ~Steven Pressfield

The first step to taking on resistance is re-framing it. Resistance doesn’t happen when you’re doing something wrong, it happens ‘CAUSE you’re doing something right. When you keep this perspective in mind it becomes much easier to battle resistance and win.

Here’s 3 action steps so you can sidestep resistance:

1. Call it out.

Resistance is a big bully. It uses intimidation to see if you’ll give up your lunch money self-worth. It’s goal and only fuel source is you feeling bad about yourself. Once you’ve gone down the “I’m not good enough” path and stop what you’re doing, resistance has won. Instead, call resistance out. Name it. Acknowledge it. Like I’m doing in this post. I’m talking about it. I’m letting you and me know what’s going on. I’m facing it head on. Calling resistance out and putting words to what’s happening is like turning on a light. You’re no longer in the dark and you can (finally) see what you’re doing. Use that light to let resistance know you’re totally on to it. And today, you’re not backing down.

2. Do something. Anything. Just keep moving.

“Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” -Steven Pressfied

When resistance is really bad it’s crucial to keep moving. Even if just a little bit. At this point it’s not about producing greatness or the final product, it’s about doing your work and overcoming resistance. ‘Cause giving into resistance, by stopping, only fuels it. Kinda like feeding a stray cat, it’ll keep coming back for more and more and more…. Taking a step any step puts you back in the drivers seat. And strengthens your I-know-how-to-deal-with-resistance muscle. Like this post. It isn’t the one I had in my head. That I’d been planning for weeks. And yet, it IS a post. It is movement towards my goal and my purpose. It is me overcoming resistance.

3. Celebrate the step! (Ditch the “yeah but.”)

If you spend time and energy beating yourself up for taking a different step than originally planned you’re still fueling resistance. All you’re “yeah buts” focusing on what you didn’t do only make you feel so bad about the step you did take. So, of course you won’t want to take any steps next time resistance hits. (And there will be a next time.) Resistance popping up isn’t personal. It came calling ’cause you were following your calling. So continue to strengthen your I-know-how-to-deal-with-resistance muscle by celebrating the step you did take + let the rest go. Who cares that this wasn’t the post I had scheduled for today? I don’t. And I doubt you do. All that matters is that I did my work. Today, I overcame resistance! And hopefully helped you better understand resistance in the process.

Oh, and here’s a 4th bonus step for you:

Read, reread, highlight, memorize and savor The War of Art by Steven Pressfield . He’s seriously THE MAN when it comes to resistance and this book will change your life.

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