Snacks On the Go: Hit the Road

By Brienne Peers May 21, 2015

Now that I’m working, going to classes AND participating in student clubs, it’s important that I prep for the day ahead and make sure I always have healthy snacks on hand. I’m sharing my favorite snacks that are perfect to pack along in your backpack. These are great for weekend hiking and road trips, too.

I make a point to always have a snack in my backpack, even if I’ll just be gone for a little while. I never know if I’ll get caught up working on something that takes longer than expected or my stomach is just on the hungry side, so it’s important for me to always be prepared.

Here are my favorites on-the-go snacks…

>Veggies & Hummus
This is my go-to snack! I prep a bunch of veggies like celery, bell peppers, and carrots ahead of time and add a serving of hummus (roasted red pepper is my fav!) into a tupperware container. I am set.

>Trail Mix
Skip the store-bought kind and make your own! I love making my superfood trail mix, but if I am in a pinch I add nuts, dried fruit, cereal, and chocolate chips into a bag and go. But seriously, don’t forget the chocolate chips.

>Fruit & Nut Butter
If you have a sweet tooth like me, fruit is a healthier alternative than reaching for a candy bar. I love chopping up my fruit and adding a side of nut butter (almond butter!). Perfect go-to snack for those afternoon sweets cravings!

I could snack on nuts all day long. I do my best to portion control when eating nuts by putting one serving into a small tupperware container. That way I have no way to sneak back into the bag for more. Look for raw or unsalted nuts to avoid high sodium contents!

>Snack Bars
Be careful with this one. Not all snack bars are created equal. Watch the sugar content and ingredient list when looking for snack bars. Try to keep ingredients to a minimum (which is why I love Larabars) and look for bars low in sugar. My go-to bars are Larabars, Luna bars, and Vega bars.

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