How To Stay Active In College

By Brienne Peers July 24, 2014

We can all make excuses that we don’t have time to workout during our college years. Busy with classes, internships, jobs, etc., but if we find ways to sneak exercise into our daily routine, it will become second nature. I am so thankful that I go to a school with a large campus because I walk everywhere. I only took the bus to go off campus to the mall, but still had to walk a while to get to the bus stop every time I wanted to go.

So, here are some ways to stay active while in college:
– Walk to class, meetings, and meals.
– Join fitness oriented clubs. (Running club, Tri club, Swimming Club)
– When stressed with school work, take a break and go for a run or a walk to get your mind off of it. You’ll come back feeling refreshed.
– Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
– Choose exercises you will enjoy.
– Get your workout in in the morning. With classes, extra curricular activities, study groups, and a social life, it may be hard to fit in your workout in the evening.
– Exercise with friends.
– If you want a gym membership, look to see if your school has a gym. They may be free or cost less than other gyms.
– Take advantage of the great outdoors. My campus is so beautiful and I love running around campus and taking in the pretty view.
– Make exercise a habit. Schedule it in your planner.

Here is a great way to become acquainted with your campus while getting in a workout: The day before new classes begin, I always go for a run and find all of my classes. I run to my first class, then my second, etc. I learn what routes to take to get to class and am able to see what is nearby. Not to mention, I am getting a good workout at the same time! Also, when I have to meet somewhere new on campus for class, for dinner with friends, or for a club, I will go for a run the day before and find the location so I will know where it is. Better than getting lost the day of, right?

I hope you find these tips useful! I struggled with staying active my first semester of college, but by the second semester I nailed it. I am hoping to continue through this year with this fit lifestyle!

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