Staying Motivated

By Laurie Larson May 19, 2014

No matter how successful you are at attaining a goal of weight loss and fitness, the truth still remains that you now must maintain it! Every morning you get up, you must start again! Whether you were “good” or “bad” the day before, you have to start every day with a fresh attitude for success. I posed the question to my past clients: “What was the most powerful thing you learned in the process of this program. And, what will you take away that will help you maintain these new habits for life?” Here are some of their responses:

– Keeping a food journal to avoid “calorie amnesia”
– Adding lean protein to every meal.
– Learning how many calories I should eat to make my body burn fat for fuel.
– Having a plan and being prepared.
– Understanding my connection between food and mood.
– That this is a lifetime process, not a quick fix diet I go off and on.

And my number one tip is this:
Everyone gets off track from time to time. So don’t despair, it happens to the best of us! The key to not getting completely “derailed” is to have a “get back on track plan”. This is a very specific eating plan that you follow for exactly one week. It will break the cycle and readjust your mind and body back to your healthy lifestyle!

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