Summer Do’s And Don’ts as Learned From Cabin in The Woods

By The Body Department July 16, 2015

With summer comes the time for vacations and miscellaneous shenanigans. It’s a time for parties, feel good music and swim suits. But mostly, summer ignites meaningless celebration for no other reason than: warm weather. 

It’s a time when friends get together and partake in harmless fun. Most of the time.

In what we would consider a cult classic, Cabin in The Woods, documents the old fashioned ritual of road tripping with friends. It tells the traditional story of a group of unassuming teenagers who decide to take a trip. To the woods. To stay in a cabin. By themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

A guide to vacationing done right, here’s our top do’s and don’ts for summertime travel, inspired by the movie!

Don’t spy on the neighbors. That’s just creepy.


Don’t offer to be the DRTD (designated road trip driver). Just awkwardly glance around for a few moments, someone else is bound to take charge and volunteer.



Don’t go near murky water. Just don’t.



Do use a flashlight and stare blankly out into the oblivion, because that will surely scare em’!


Do dance like a weirdo. Pelvis movements and all.


Don’t drink and drive (a cup of coffee is as dangerous as it sounds here).

Do tell it like it is.


Don’t play truth or dare. And, whatever you do, never choose dare.


Don’t do it.


Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.


Do get yourself a hangover meal and call it a day.




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