The Natural Way To Cure Nausea

By Reece Carter January 5, 2016

Have one too many holiday parties got you feeling less than festive? This is the hardest time of the year to stick to healthy eating, and occasionally we might find that, despite our best intentions, we accidentally sink a few too many eggnogs. The remedy for that? A simple ginger pastille that holds enough herbal medicine to decrease nausea and settle a stomach that has seen too much holiday cheer.

What You’ll Need

– 25g gelatin (or agar-agar for my vegan friends)
– 60ml ginger tincture
– 25ml vegetable glycerine
– 25ml water
– coconut oil, to coat molds

It’s that simple. These will only last a week, and are best stored wrapped in baking paper. Ginger is nature’s best anti-emetic medicine in my mind, meaning that it effectively treats nausea. And if that’s not enough to get you mixing your own medicines, it also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it your ally when it comes to battling period pain or annoying bloating.

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