The Quick & Easy Way To Live A Balanced Life

By JJ Muenz December 2, 2015

Who better to tell the story of how to live a life in balance than a Libra? My horoscope sign is a scale, so I know what happens when life is lived on the wild side. (Insert picture of tangled hair and bad breath.) And I know what happens when you are surrounded by peace and harmony. (Insert picture of perfect ponytail with white clothing.) Let’s get it going! But first, how do you know your life is NOT balanced? Let me count the ways.

1. You are reaching for the sugar, caffeine, processed foods and quick meals. This happens when there is no time to cook real, healthy, balanced meals. You reach for the quick rush of energy knowing it’s all you have time for and usually feel like crap afterwards.

2. You find yourself feeling pissed off for no reason. You might even be mad when people are doing well or are in a great romantic relationship. Maybe you can’t figure out why you feel so down in the dumps. This might be because one area of your life is way out of control and you know it and you can’t control it.

3. You don’t care about how you look. This one is usually a dead giveaway. There was a time when you liked to look nice and like you took a shower. These days you’re lucky if you brush your teeth.

This is how you bring the balance back quickly!

1. Eat real food.

If you don’t have time, make some. At the end of the night, when you are exhausted, force yourself to make a salad or grill some chicken for tomorrow’s lunch. If you don’t, you aren’t going to break the cycle. You are what you eat. Processed foods slow down brain flow and decrease energy.

2. Do something you love, now!

If you continue to do everything for everyone else and leave no time for yourself, you will probably come to resent them later. If there’s a yoga class you’ve been dying to go to, make time! If you’ve put off taking a class, sign up for it and go do it. Are you feeling upset you aren’t doing the things you love? Sometimes when we aren’t living our life to the fullest, when others are doing things that make them happy, it’s hard for us to share in their excitement. Stop comparing yourself others and find something you enjoy!

3. Brush those locks.

Combing your hair is one of the best meditations I’ve ever experienced. You have to take time to get the comb through all the tangles, while you zone out until your locks are untangled. When people talk about meditating, it doesn’t have to be sitting down on a pillow in the middle of a quiet room. It can be as easy as combing your hair, staring outside, removing the electronics, etc.

*This post was originally published on DoYouYoga. For more from J, visit her site FitGirlSeattle.

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