This Fit Duo is Nailing The Instagram Game

By The Body Department July 24, 2015

We’re giving major props to this week’s Fitstagram feature: @twobadbodies. With an endless gallery of motivational pictures and their “two is better than one” mentality, they really make fitness a lifestyle- and we couldn’t be more inspired.

Here’s their backstory:
Kaisa and Jennifer met 10 years ago at the University of Washington, where they were both members of the track and field team. After graduating both Kaisa and Jennifer were dealing with several injuries, the result of years of training under the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, and their bodies had finally had enough. Sound familiar? Determined to continue working out and moving, they set out on a mission to find a form of movement that felt good and left them pain free.

Through their passion for movement and understanding of the human body, they began to develop their own philosophy of movement. This philosophy was based on the belief that a connection to one’s body was the foundation of movement.

Through the power of movement, the duo hopes to inspire people to awaken their true potential. What an awesome mantra!

Check them out on Instagram, @twobadbodies.


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